Oral Conscious Sedation:

“I was totally terrified to go to the dentist, and even my blood pressure skyrocketed when I first went, but after meeting the well-qualified and friendly staff my fears started to wane. I wanted sedation at first but now I can go without it and it doesn’t hurt at all. I highly recommend my dentist to anyone. Thank you.”
Rating – 10
– Catherine, patient
“I am the worst dental patient – hate it. I stayed away (from the dentist) 8 years from fear. With the oral conscious sedation, I have little to no memory of the procedures and the 3 hours I spent in the chair – this is the only way to have dental procedures! Dr. Curley and his staff are extremely caring which also helps ease fears!”
Rating – 10
– Carmen, patient


Continuing Care:

“After my first root canal, I knew I never wanted another one. Dr. Curley and I entered a partnership to provide maintenance and care of my teeth. We sat down and discussed a course of action that would ensure long term dental health. That was almost 20 years ago. I would trust my teeth to no one else.
Rating – 10
– Pamela, patient
“I drank sodas and ate sugary, bad food for years – and during that time I had to have many dental procedures for cavities, root canals and implants. I realized I need to turn my eating habits around and started eating clean, very minimal sugar, and since that time I have lost 50 pounds, off all medication and have had no dental problems for years!”
Rating – 10
-Tara, patient


Night Guard:

“WOW! No more TMJ/popping/soreness plus protection from additional cracked teeth. Easy maintenance plus a small box for travel.”
Rating – 10
– Gina, patient

“This appliance (NTI night guard) has literally saved me from destroying my teeth while I sleep. It’s small and easy to wear. The bonus is no headaches, reduced neck tension, I sleep better and my jaw and teeth are relaxed in the morning. Less grinding and preserving my teeth. A great investment.”
Rating – 10
– Shelly, patient

“I love this night guard. It is not large and cumbersome like others I have worn. When going on a trip it is the first thing I pack, I can’t sleep without it. Now my husband has one, too!
Rating – 10
– Elaine, patient


Bite Adjustment:

“I was skeptical initially (about having a bite adjustment) to go ahead with this procedure as it entailed removing material from my teeth. However, I am 100% satisfied and would strongly recommend this to anyone. As Dr. Curley mentioned, it is important to have a correct bite for the future health of you mouth and jaw.”
Rating – 10
– Eric, patient



“Dr. Curley did an excellent job on my crown. I would highly recommend him and his staff. They do very thorough bi-annual dental exams/cleanings as well.”
Rating – 10
– Jena, patient
“Over 6 months ago, Dr. Curley informed me that I had a fracture on a tooth an he highly recommended a crown. I really put it off, even though I knew it was getting worse. One day making a call to a client, she told me that she was on the way to have a root canal because she put off getting a crown on a cracked tooth. She told me it happened over the weekend and she had to go to the ER. She said that putting off a $600 crown turned into over $1200 and extra visits. I told her that she inspired me and I immediately called Dr. Curley to schedule my appointment.”
Rating – 10
– Dianna, patient
“I have been a patient of Dr. Curley’s for 30 years and have always had excellent care. Dr. Curley knows what he is doing and does it well.”
Rating – 10
– Marcia, patient



“Dr. Curley has helped me tremendously by inserting a snap implant on my partial. It holds the partial in place while eating and chewing.”
Rating – 10
– Lynne, patient