Comfort Options

Oral Sedation


Imagine having your dentistry performed while you relax in total comfort, with little or no memory of the procedure. You can!

Dr. Curley has helped over 200 patients overcome their dental fears with oral sedation. We can help you, too!

How does it work?


You take a pill an hour prior to your appointment. Your companion will accompany you to the office. When you arrive, you will be very drowsy. You will relax in a comfortable chair and be covered with a warm blanket. Your vital signs will be monitored. After you are comfortable, Dr. Curley will care for your dental needs. When your treatment is completed, your companion will escort you home to relax until you are fully recovered.

Commonly asked questions:

1Will I feel any pain?

After you are totally relaxed, we administer anesthetic, although discomfort or memory of the procedure is not experienced by most.

2Will I be monitored?

Your treatment will include sophisticated monitoring of your vital signs and one of our staff members to care for you throughout the visit.

3Will someone need to accompany me?

Yes, someone will need to accompany and drive you to and from the office due to the effects of the medication.

4Will I be unconscious?

You will be responsive to voices, yet very relaxed.

5How long will I be sedated?

Depending on your needs, from 2 to 6 hours

Who is a candidate for Oral Sedation

Adults with…

  • High fear or very sensitive teeth
  • High fear or very sensitive teeth
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Limited time to complete dental care
  • Complex dental problems
  • A dread of injections
  • Discomfort associated with noises, smells and tastes