Most of us are aware of the relationship between teeth, simple sugars, bacteria and cavities. If you have plaque(a sticky housing for the bacteria) accumulating on your teeth and you eat simple sugars, this is what happens: within five minutes the bacteria eat the sugar and an acid is formed as a byproduct. This acid will dissolve the enamel. Repeated acid exposure will lead to a cavity. Fluoride in your toothpaste and professionally applied can help the enamel resist the acid attack.

We are now aware of how the acidity of your mouth can accelerate this process. If you have a diet high in acidic food and drink, or your saliva flow is diminished due to medications or the aging process, you may have an oral environment that is too acidic. This will be an environment that encourages growth of cavity causing bacteria.

Here’s the good news! We can easily test the acidity of your mouth and help you develop strategies to decrease the acidity and encourage growth of good bacteria and reduce cavities.

More to come! But first, a teaser -there are sweet treats that are good for you!